TW-Solar - Distributed by Polysolar ltd

Polysolar Solar Carport installation at Tewksbury council.

Why TW-Solar?

Solar Panel Factory - manufacturing

Tongwei Solar is the worlds largest vertically integrated crystalline silicon solar manufacturer, with over 15,000 employees and a market capitalisation of US$250bn. TW-Solar importantly has control of its own supply chain, from Polysilicon Ingot production, Solar Cell and Wafer manufacture through to complete Solar Module fabrication we can provide complete assurance to our customers on:

  • Consistent Supply
  • Production Capacity
  • Product Quality
  • Warranty Reliability
  • Service Support
  • Financial Security
  • Supply Chain Traceability
  • Ethical & Environmental Standards

As a business TW-Solar are investing heavily in R&D, manufacturing technology and distribution. Our existing manufacturing capacity of 80GW should double to some 150GW by 2025. With our latest automated unmanned intelligent factories we can offer the most competitive prices and highest quality in the industry. Our forefront R&D and Intellectual Property ownership means we have consolidated our leading position with the industry’s highest performing crystalline Silicon solar cells at 21.5%, as well as the highest performing Shingled technology modules design. Delivering the best Return on Investment combined with the minimal environmental impact.

Why Polysolar?

As the authorised agents for TW-Solar in the United Kingdom, Polysolar Limited can offer an experienced, reliable and consistent partner for all your solar requirements. With a local on the ground presence, we have operated in the solar industry since 2007. This means we have knowledge of the whole supply chain being researchers, manufacturers, project designers and installers and so can knowledgeably assist our clients with all their project needs. We further have established logistics in place to ensure timely and reliable delivery of products and paperwork. We also offer ease of communications, ordering, credit and payment arrangements as well as warranty and certification compliance.


Our certifications.

CE Mark

CE Mark

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

Microgeneration Certification Scheme

Tier 1

Tier 1

TUV Nord IEC61215/61730

TUV Nord IEC61215/61730

IEC62804 (PID)

IEC61701 (Salt)

IEC62716 (Ammonia)

IEC60068 (Sand)

IEC TS62941 2016 PV industry quality management system

ISO 9001 2015 quality management system

ISO 1400 2015 environmental management system

ISO 45001 2018 occupational health safety management

ISO 50001 2011 energy management system