Ethical & Environmental

Uniquely verifiable and traceable supply chain

TW-Solar, with over 50,000 employees controls a completely vertically integrated supply chain, producing its own Polysilicon, Wafers and Cells and Solar panels.  This means all its operations are fully traceable, verifiable and auditable.  As the world’s largest Polysilicon producer, it uniquely has no operations in Xingjian Province, producing in Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and Yunnan, and unlike its competitors can offer assurance that none of its products have any element of forced labour in their manufacture.

Additionally, TW-Solar offers superior environmental compliance.  Its Shingled products are solderless reducing the use of Lead by 60% and are Fluorine free.  The company also has significantly lower CO2 emissions across its operations than its domestic competitors and deploys waste reduction, green packing and recycling policies.

TW-Solar and its partners proudly adhere to the highest internationally recognised ethical and environmental standards in the industry.