Shingled Solar Panel Technology

Shingled Solar Panel Technology

How It Works

TW-Solar is the latest pioneer of ‘Shingled’ monocrystalline silicon PV technology originally developed in 1956. A shingled module takes TW-Solar’s 120mm PERC solar cells, cuts them into six wafers which are then overlayed as tiles. Using a flexible conductive adhesive for the interconnects between cells to cover the entire module and improve efficiencies.

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Shingled Solar Panel construction


The benefit of the Shingled module technology are significant and numerous:

  • High density packing – reducing the spacing between cells to increase the active area and so efficiency (active area ratio of 95.2% with conversion efficiencies of 21.25%)
Shingled Solar Panel benefits
  • Improved thermal conduction – The overlapping contact area of the cells is 140 times than that of a half cut modules’ soldering ribbon,  resulting in better hotspot resistance
  • Solderless flexible interconnections – Avoiding the need to solder at high temperatures means fewer micro cracks and stress than in conventional modules
  • Flexible adhesive – Less stress under load, particularly at low temperatures resulting in better durability and power degradation
  • Environmental material use – Shingled modules are Designed for Recycling (DfR). Offering Lead & Fluorine Free. Simplified recycling. Reduced CO2 emissions in manufacture
  • Improved Aesthetics – Free of tabling ribbons the modules have a uniform appearance offering more attractive and acceptable installations
  • Segmented Cells – Reduced string current (1/3 of half cut cells) resulting is reduced mismatch and higher module reliability
  • Low temperature laser cutting - Reduces the thermal damage to the cells and improves mechanical strength
Shingled Solar Panel in shade
  • Full parallel circuit design – Compared to half cut modules with 2 strings, the Shingled module offers 6 parallel strings to significantly improve anti-shading capabilities
Shingled Solar Panel in shade